Smart Move from the Train Collectors Association

The Train Collectors Association apparently has withdrawn its advertising and marketing support for O Gauge Railroading Magazine, which in the world of O gauge model trains, is big news. The announcement was made on the popular O Gauge Railroading Forums by the “CEO” I won’t link to the post here as I don’t wish to drive any more revenue to that site or publication (for reasons explained below). As per the post:

I have been informed that TCA is ending its association with OGR as well as CTT with respect to its advertising. Part of the reasoning was stated as the average age of their membership being 75 years old and a desire to reach younger folks using the internet rather than print. I explained that about 85 percent of TCA’s message on OGR went to online participants: namely the forum (with millions of page views per month) and our online magazine which is growing. Unfortunately this was met with “the decision has been made.” Budget constraints were sited [sic] with a drastic cut across the board for advertising.

Normally I wouldn’t take the time to post anything about this (or post anything really, I’m pretty bad about updating this site), but I want to commend the TCA on their smart decision, at least in regards to OGR (I’m sorry to see Classic Toy Trains (CTT) is included – that is a good, reputable publication, at least in my personal experience – I am still a paying subscriber)

A bit of context regarding OGR: After being a member and contributor of the forums and paying subscriber to the publication for nearly 21 years (I joined at the ripe age of 14 in 2000), I was permabanned on the forums without explanation in January of 2021. After exchanging emails with the “CEO” trying to understand why, I learned it was because I posted an O Gauge model train question in the incorrect subforum and then had the audacity to question why a post about a model train on a model train forum would be taken down… for those that relish in pedantry and arguing with infantile, petulant old men, rejoice.

After speaking with a few others in the hobby, I’ve learned my experience with the publication and its “CEO” was far from unique. Long story short, happy to see the owner of the publication is getting his due. One of his favorite phrases over the years was “vote with your wallet,” and it looks like TCA is doing exactly that.

I’ve already renewed my membership to TCA to show my support.