Big Boi

Slottown got some heavy power added this weekend – the famed UP 4014. We made a Halloween visit to Legacy Station to pickup a pre-order (some 19th century passenger cars) and on display was the MTH Premier “restored” 4014 – complete with shiny paint finish and sounds recorded from the actual 4014. What sold me was the whistle steam effect, where when you blow the whistle, a separate directed stream of smoke shoots, like a realistic steam whistle.

The locomotive is impressive, both in size and detail. It’s so large in fact it can’t make it around my O-72 loop at the the moment. It actually clears all of the upper level supports, the issue is my curve along the wall in the room – the Big Boy swings so far out it hits the wall! I’m currently evaluating options on how to modify the layout (or wall) to let the Big Boy get around the whole layout.

The other highlight from the train store visit was we bumped into Eric Siegel from Eric’s Trains while there, and he coincidentally bought the other 4014 that Legacy Station had. Here’s a short video he posted of it running on his layout: