Purple Mountains, Magesty

Some good progress on the layout as of late, I’ve been derelict in my duties posting updates.  Most of the work has been focused under the layout or securing supports:

  • Applied Appalachian Mountain Backdrop from Backdrop Warehouse
  • Glued down elevated table supports to Homasote using LiquidNails
  • Added a second AIU to the layout
  • Wired all 16 Fastrack switches to MTH DCS AIUs so they can be controlled via the DCS Wifi App (I got tired of having to pull out my 90s-era Cab-1 remote every time I wanted to throw a turnout and I like the ability to set up routes)
  • Ensured track power drops are all connected correctly (with track shifting during adjustments, the spade connectors often disconnect)
  • Painted remaining BridgeBoss supports as well as scratch-built truss bridge supports flat black
  • Mocked up final locations for buildings

Here are some photos of the layout as it is today:

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