Gone Fishin’

We completed our “murky pond” scene this past weekend, complete with fly fisherman. We used Woodland Scenics Deep Pour Murky for our water and are pretty happy with the results:

We followed the Woodland Scenics instructions to a T in terms of mixing and pouring the resin. We ended up with some very small bubbles in the resin but opted not to use the heat gun to try and clear them since we had essentially poured the resin to the “rim” since we wanted a well defined “lapping” of the water on the banks. Honestly the bubbles add a bit of texture and depth to the water and aren’t really noticeable from a distance.

Our only regret is not having made the pond bigger and also trying to integrate a stream/waterfall. We still have plenty of “undeveloped” territory on the layout so we may take a crack at making a river on the main level!