New(ish) Power!

Let’s party like it’s 2010 – I picked up an MTH Premier ES44 “Evolution Hybrid” from eBay.

If you’re following my roster, you’ll note that I actually already have a CSX GE ES44AH, but I was smitten by the Evolution Hybrid Demonstrator for a few reasons:

  • Paint Scheme – the GE Demonstrator Evo Hybrid has a pretty cool blue and green paint scheme that’s unique and modern
  • Prototype Hybrid Technology – unlike the CSX ES44AH, the Evolution Hybrid is a demonstrator unit that uses regenerative braking technology. Most modern standard diesel electric locomotives use “Dynamic Braking,” which effectively turn the electric traction motors into generators and apply the principles of rheostatic braking. The power generated from these motors is then dissipated as heat through roof-mounted banks of resistors and fans. In the case of the Evolution Hybrid, this power is transferred to large banks of batteries rather than dissipated as heat, which can be charged to store energy to power the locomotives systems and assist with powering the traction motors.
  • Disco lights – just like the prototype, the model has the decorative lights along the chassis, which is pretty cool